Computer Science Education Week – The Big Dogs Give Back!

  There are plenty of great companies that I admire for a variety of reasons. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Zappos are a few on my list and when I came across an email titled: “Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds want 10 million students to code” – I immediately got intrigued and to my surprise thisContinue reading “Computer Science Education Week – The Big Dogs Give Back!”


How many minutes or hours do you spend on your Smart Phone in one sitting? The photo above shows a pretty accurate graph of how we spend our time on our smart phones. It is the greatest invention ever and we all tip our hat off to the geniuses behind this idea. We all useContinue reading “Go MOBILE or Go HOME!”

12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013

12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013. As the world continues to embrace social media the ways we use the social networks are becoming clearer. Twitter with its short and snappy messaging is very dependent on mobile usage and smart phones. The rise of the visual web is making Pinterest and Tumblr theContinue reading “12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013”

Beyonce’ & Mayweather Are Not Ashamed to Claim Their Success… You Can HATE All You Want…

What I love most about Beyonce is not her looks or her talent but her ability to RISE TO THE OCCASION! She’s got a lot of “haters” but the truth is, no one can deny the hard work she has put into her craft and her business. It’s obvious that she rehearses until perfection, sheContinue reading “Beyonce’ & Mayweather Are Not Ashamed to Claim Their Success… You Can HATE All You Want…”

The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners

In case you need to be reminded, it’s 2013! The times have completely changed and there are things in this generation that the past generation just cannot fathom. Only the real Entrepreneurs adjust to the constant changes that the Business Industry keeps throwing at us. Depending on your business structure, print advertising is becoming irrelevantContinue reading “The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners”

‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon

If you haven’t accepted the fact that technology is taking over our lifestyle then you need to read this! This new invention by Pay-Pal will completely confirm that technology is getting bigger and better and if you still haven’t learned how to maximize Social Media, then you have missed the boat! The only way toContinue reading “‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon”

Facebook Now Allows Promotions on Page Timelines!

Facebook has just allowed contests to run on your main wall feed! Yep, you heard correctly; you can now ask people to participate by liking or commenting on your wall in order to win a prize! This is obviously great news and ultimately a realization on Facebook’s part that people were already doing this andContinue reading “Facebook Now Allows Promotions on Page Timelines!”

Google Plus Features 101

Google Plus has been buzzin’ for a few months now. The problem is, it is more intricate than it looks. People end up opening an account and then abandoning it after a while of confusion. Hootsuite came up with a training series that will help you understand the features on Google+ here is one ofContinue reading “Google Plus Features 101”

Is Perfect Polly a Perfect Fail?

So I was in bed, working with the TV on when this infomercial caught my attention. I’ll be honest with you… I couldn’t stop laughing! I must have rewound it 3x then, I finally decided to take a video of it so I can share it with y’all! I can’t possibly be the only oneContinue reading “Is Perfect Polly a Perfect Fail?”