7 Deadly Sins in Marketing

Marketing is a very well established principle and one that has been practiced before it was even called that. If you think about it, the ancient world has definitely used advertising tactics when promoting a gladiator fight, a chariot race, or some royalty celebration. The similarities of entrepreneurs’ problems to another used to surprise me.Continue reading “7 Deadly Sins in Marketing”

Exclusive Invite to the INSPIRATION 2020 event this weekend! (Los Angeles, CA)

If you are interested in attending this event, we still have COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS left for you! This event is tomorrow and I am excited that I will be starting a relationship with the PowerTeam USA to plan their next events in Los Angeles! First come, first serve! I’ve given all my friends the VIP ticketsContinue reading “Exclusive Invite to the INSPIRATION 2020 event this weekend! (Los Angeles, CA)”

Video Marketing Trend

Have you started getting in front of the camera yet? I remember a time when uploading photos was the “thing.” Now, videos have taken over because people have gotten more accustomed to convenience and no longer like to read. They just want to sit in front of the computer to “watch” the information they wantContinue reading “Video Marketing Trend”

The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners

After having interviewed a few entrepreneurs who own and manage more than one business, I noticed a few similarities between all their personalities. One very pertinent character I found similar among all of them is the sincere passion for loving what they do. It seems like they first realized they loved it then they decided toContinue reading “The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners”