My Favorite Good Deed

I love giving back. It’s a chance for me to make others happy and it brings joy to my heart. That may sound cheezy but it’s true :). I normally do not write about my good deeds but this time, plenty of people are involved and I would like to give them all the creditContinue reading “My Favorite Good Deed”

Computer Science Education Week – The Big Dogs Give Back!

  There are plenty of great companies that I admire for a variety of reasons. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Zappos are a few on my list and when I came across an email titled: “Mark Zuckerberg and Angry Birds want 10 million students to code” – I immediately got intrigued and to my surprise thisContinue reading “Computer Science Education Week – The Big Dogs Give Back!”

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program

Did you know that your local Chamber of Commerce in your city offers a Leadership Program? I recently attended a Leadership (6-session) class in the city where I work. I learned all kinds of new information and most importantly, I met other Directors and Managers of big and small companies in the city. Through theseContinue reading “Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program”

The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners

After having interviewed a few entrepreneurs who own and manage more than one business, I noticed a few similarities between all their personalities. One very pertinent character I found similar among all of them is the sincere passion for loving what they do. It seems like they first realized they loved it then they decided toContinue reading “The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners”

A Checklist for a Successful Event

We sometimes focus too keenly on the goal that we tend to miss the details of the actual journey, which can sometimes directly be correlated to the quality of the finished product. In all of what I do, the most common compliment I often hear is how resourceful I am. Some call it “hustling” butContinue reading “A Checklist for a Successful Event”

Non profits cry for help… Our School’s Got Talent is a great idea!

Has the recession shunned the community from caring about youth projects? In the past three (3) months, local organizations like Youth Family Student Community (YFSC) and Young American National Awareness Campaign (YANAC), through their Social Arts Production (SIP) division have been diligently asking for financial support from the community of Carson, CA. Their project, “OurContinue reading “Non profits cry for help… Our School’s Got Talent is a great idea!”