Google Plus Features 101

Google Plus has been buzzin’ for a few months now. The problem is, it is more intricate than it looks. People end up opening an account and then abandoning it after a while of confusion. Hootsuite came up with a training series that will help you understand the features on Google+ here is one ofContinue reading “Google Plus Features 101”

Video Marketing Trend

Have you started getting in front of the camera yet? I remember a time when uploading photos was the “thing.” Now, videos have taken over because people have gotten more accustomed to convenience and no longer like to read. They just want to sit in front of the computer to “watch” the information they wantContinue reading “Video Marketing Trend”

The World’s Most Respected Companies of 2013 – Apple fell from the 1st to 3rd place

Check out this great MSN video – The World’s Most Respected Companies of 2013. As a small business owner, looking up to huge, international corporations as inspiration for growth and development is the ultimate ambitious attitude that we all need to have. I once heard that in order to be #1, you have to actContinue reading “The World’s Most Respected Companies of 2013 – Apple fell from the 1st to 3rd place”

A better PERSON makes a great Entrepreneur… inspired by the Four Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz

Have you read the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz? If not, then it’s time to fire up that kindle, ipad, iphone, galaxy s4 or whatever device you have and search for this book. It’s an easy read! Don Miguel Ruiz talks about four practices and agreements that we need to make with ourselves soContinue reading “A better PERSON makes a great Entrepreneur… inspired by the Four Agreements written by Don Miguel Ruiz”

The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners

After having interviewed a few entrepreneurs who own and manage more than one business, I noticed a few similarities between all their personalities. One very pertinent character I found similar among all of them is the sincere passion for loving what they do. It seems like they first realized they loved it then they decided toContinue reading “The Secrets of Multiple Business Owners”

Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery

I am excited to launch the Vendor Spotlight of the month! As an Event Planner, I rely heavily on my preferred vendors relationships. They make my life easier because I know what to expect from them. Let’s take for example, Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery, a company started by Staci Adams and Jennifer Anderson.  Staci is aContinue reading “Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery”

Small Business Tip: Spend Money on Marketing!

If you’re feeling a little hesitant about spending money in marketing your business just remember the cliché “you gotta spend money to make money”. If you don’t know how much to spend for marketing, take a look at your previous year’s profit (NET) and take 10-20% of that amount and spend it on marketing inContinue reading “Small Business Tip: Spend Money on Marketing!”


With the billions of people that occupy the world, it’s nearly impossible to invent or create something that doesn’t already exist. But how can you thrive if you just end up doing the same things as others already have? Well,  if you’re not creating a high tech equipment with millions in budget, then you simplyContinue reading “HOW TO BE ORIGINAL”

The purpose…

I honestly wish that there were two or three more of me running around in this world. Not to sound arrogant, but it’s hard to train others to think the way I do.  It takes so much effort to explain why things have to be done a certain way, but if I had me asContinue reading “The purpose…”