AWARD-WINNING… what it means to me.

Receiving recognition and winning awards mean that I have an obligation to continue mentoring the younger generation through my career and showing them the essence of tenacity, determination, and work ethic.


I usually blog about business, marketing, and events. Seldom will I share sentimental thoughts but I think this one can also be relative to all walks of life, not just in love. My comment was derived from the post realization that this video is a perfect example of believing in “grey areas.” You shouldn’t giveContinue reading “CREATIVE MINDS BELIEVE IN GREY AREAS”


I was raised in a humble home. “Don’t brag about your things, money, accomplishments.” We were taught by our society back then that bragging is rude. That the only people you should really show your accomplishments are your parents so they can be proud of you. Hold up, wait a minute, let me back upContinue reading “HOW MY CHILDHOOD SHAPED ME”

Google Plus Features 101

Google Plus has been buzzin’ for a few months now. The problem is, it is more intricate than it looks. People end up opening an account and then abandoning it after a while of confusion. Hootsuite came up with a training series that will help you understand the features on Google+ here is one ofContinue reading “Google Plus Features 101”


  I was approached by Russell Vann, the host of CUSTOMER FOCUS MARKETING podcast on facebook to do an interview about how I find my clients. This simple interview turned into a story of how, in 2009, I overcame unemployment, moved to a new city, had to make new connections and finally, I got toContinue reading “THIS IS MY STORY MARKETING! What’s yours?”

Father’s Day Blues… My Dad is gone, but I’m never fatherless

I can still remember the day I stepped out to finally wash a big pile of blankets that I have been putting off for 2 weeks. But, just before I left, I fed my dad his lunch. My dad was very ill, hallucinating from the medication that helped him cope with the pain from havingContinue reading “Father’s Day Blues… My Dad is gone, but I’m never fatherless”