I love helping others. I love giving people ideas on how to be creative with their branding message or their business until one day, a person very dear to my heart told me to stop giving away ideas for free. That people need to pay me for everything I come up with. That I’m short-changingContinue reading “A NEVER ENDING DOZE OF CREATIVITY”

14 Day Tips Challenge to Boost your Social Media Engagement

I’d like to invite you to join our 14 Day Tips Challenge to help boost your social media engagement. It’s so easy to join! Simply create graphics for your tips by choosing an existing photo and using a mobile app to add text on your photo. Brand it with your logo, website, name or socialContinue reading “14 Day Tips Challenge to Boost your Social Media Engagement”


If you are like most newbies on social media, you probably feel lost and need direction on what kinds of topics to post on your page to engage your followers or friends. The trick is to share genuine thoughts…. thought provoking, if possible. Here are 5 ideas to get you started: 1. Pay attention toContinue reading “5 IDEAS TO CREATE CONTENT FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA”


5┬áTIPS FOR POST EVENT MARKETING STRATEGY Post event marketing is just as important as ticket sales, advertisement, promotions and more. Why? Because your post event marketing strategy will determine the success of your next event. A strong post event marketing strategy can set the tone for the next event by re kindling your guest’s experienceContinue reading “5 TIPS FOR POST EVENT MARKETING STRATEGY”

The South Bay Women’s Conference was a success!

Held on May 9, 2014, the South Bay Women’s Conference was a sold out event, benefiting scholarships for women. The room was filled with amazing women and a few men (they are welcome, too :)). ┬áThe key note speakers were inspiring and the break out sessions were very informational. Events in the City TV interviewedContinue reading “The South Bay Women’s Conference was a success!”

My interview with Marianne Williamson, who’s running for Congress

As a business coach/trainer, I’m persistent about encouraging my clients and followers to attend events regularly. It’s a great way to meet new people and prospects. By attending events, I’ve met some of my best business collaborative partners. Most recently, I was at the 2014 South Bay Women’s Conference where I got the chance toContinue reading “My interview with Marianne Williamson, who’s running for Congress”

3 Ways to Increase Creativity as a Business Owner

Creativity seems to come naturally to some of us. Whenever I create new promotional event or marketing materials I sometimes hear people tell me “I wish I was as creative as you are.” See, I think everyone can be creative in their own little way… exercising creativity daily can actually prepare you when the dutyContinue reading “3 Ways to Increase Creativity as a Business Owner”

I discovered KAIA F.I.T.

I have tried different ways of staying physically active. From hiking to dancing to personal training to jogging and all in all, the main challenge is that motivational factor. Someone to hold me accountable for doing it right and doing it well. A few weeks ago, I got introduced to the owner of Kaia F.I.T.Continue reading “I discovered KAIA F.I.T.”

The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners

In case you need to be reminded, it’s 2013! The times have completely changed and there are things in this generation that the past generation just cannot fathom. Only the real Entrepreneurs adjust to the constant changes that the Business Industry keeps throwing at us. Depending on your business structure, print advertising is becoming irrelevantContinue reading “The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners”

‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon

If you haven’t accepted the fact that technology is taking over our lifestyle then you need to read this! This new invention by Pay-Pal will completely confirm that technology is getting bigger and better and if you still haven’t learned how to maximize Social Media, then you have missed the boat! The only way toContinue reading “‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon”