21 Killer Tips for Social Media Content

Social Media is one very intimidating aspect of marketing that technologically challenged entrepreneurs continue to find overwhelming. The truth is, Social Media does not need to be so technical to begin with. It should be more social as the name suggests. Think of Social Media as a way to let your customers “in” on howContinue reading “21 Killer Tips for Social Media Content”

Top 3 Things Business Owners Must Improve

Most business owners are challenged with the basic principles of marketing. Too many skip the process of building a business and marketing plan. Most fail to realize that without a plan, profitable opportunities may be missed due to lack of goal planning. Without quantifiable goals businesses find it hard to stay focus. Beyond profit goalsContinue reading “Top 3 Things Business Owners Must Improve”


Social Media Marketer, Sweeney Mae, shares her top 10 Best Apps that makes Social Media Management Easy!


I love helping others. I love giving people ideas on how to be creative with their branding message or their business until one day, a person very dear to my heart told me to stop giving away ideas for free. That people need to pay me for everything I come up with. That I’m short-changingContinue reading “A NEVER ENDING DOZE OF CREATIVITY”

14 Day Tips Challenge to Boost your Social Media Engagement

I’d like to invite you to join our 14 Day Tips Challenge to help boost your social media engagement. It’s so easy to join! Simply create graphics for your tips by choosing an existing photo and using a mobile app to add text on your photo. Brand it with your logo, website, name or socialContinue reading “14 Day Tips Challenge to Boost your Social Media Engagement”


This is why I fell in love with Marketing. Marketing is never boring! It is the epitome of the cliche: “The only thing that’s constant is change”.  It seemed like it was just yesterday when the internet changed the way we communicated. Now, it has totally changed the way we transact. Then, social media emergedContinue reading “WHAT IS OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING?”


If you are like most newbies on social media, you probably feel lost and need direction on what kinds of topics to post on your page to engage your followers or friends. The trick is to share genuine thoughts…. thought provoking, if possible. Here are 5 ideas to get you started: 1. Pay attention toContinue reading “5 IDEAS TO CREATE CONTENT FOR YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA”

Social Media Statistics and The Top 5 Musts in Managing it!

I found this website/image as I was searching for the most current statistics for various social media channels. As a Marketing Professional and social media marketing coach, this image is a powerful tool to explain to my entrepreneur friends and network the power of social media. Another powerful statistics would also be the amount of timeContinue reading “Social Media Statistics and The Top 5 Musts in Managing it!”

The Biggest Event in my Career So far: The Survivor’s Fashion Show

I’ve done plenty of big events but this, Survivor’s Fashion Show, is one that I hold close to my heart! Not only because my father passed away with Lung Cancer and I felt the need to do something annually to honor him and help build a community of survivors or anyone affected by cancer butContinue reading “The Biggest Event in my Career So far: The Survivor’s Fashion Show”