This is why I fell in love with Marketing. Marketing is never boring! It is the epitome of the cliche: “The only thing that’s constant is change”.  It seemed like it was just yesterday when the internet changed the way we communicated. Now, it has totally changed the way we transact. Then, social media emergedContinue reading “WHAT IS OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING?”

Social Media Statistics and The Top 5 Musts in Managing it!

I found this website/image as I was searching for the most current statistics for various social media channels. As a Marketing Professional and social media marketing coach, this image is a powerful tool to explain to my entrepreneur friends and network the power of social media. Another powerful statistics would also be the amount of timeContinue reading “Social Media Statistics and The Top 5 Musts in Managing it!”


How many minutes or hours do you spend on your Smart Phone in one sitting? The photo above shows a pretty accurate graph of how we spend our time on our smart phones. It is the greatest invention ever and we all tip our hat off to the geniuses behind this idea. We all useContinue reading “Go MOBILE or Go HOME!”