15 Unusual Ideas To Improve Customer Experience

When talking about customer experience, most would assume it is about a face-to-face interaction with your customers. Contrary to popular beliefs, there are many ways that customer experience can be improved beyond personal interaction. This is why these ideas are unusual. They focus on customer service features that doesn’t involved personal interaction. Traditionally, customer serviceContinue reading “15 Unusual Ideas To Improve Customer Experience”

4 Reasons Why We Trust Better Graphics

Have you ever come across a flyer and thought “my first grade nephew could have created that on a word document”? Then, all of a sudden, you don’t even want to go to that event anymore because you feel like it’s not going to be the type of event in your caliber. You suddenly thinkContinue reading “4 Reasons Why We Trust Better Graphics”

5 Secrets to Content Creation

Creating content on social media can be a daunting task to some people but with consistent practice and attention to details, anyone can create whatever content they desire. You just need that “I can make lemonades with lemons thrown at me” attitude to be able to create content out of the simplest ideas. Creating contentContinue reading “5 Secrets to Content Creation”

5 Social Media Myths that Cripple Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What the what????!!!! So many entrepreneurs, especially the Baby Boomers and the mature Gen X, have been misinformed or started to believe their excuses. The one true fact about social media is it costs less than print, tv, or radio advertising. Another fact is that it doesn’t cost to open an account. So if youContinue reading “5 Social Media Myths that Cripple Business Owners and Entrepreneurs”

21 Killer Tips for Social Media Content

Social Media is one very intimidating aspect of marketing that technologically challenged entrepreneurs continue to find overwhelming. The truth is, Social Media does not need to be so technical to begin with. It should be more social as the name suggests. Think of Social Media as a way to let your customers “in” on howContinue reading “21 Killer Tips for Social Media Content”

JCPenney versus Beyonce haters… who won?

After BEYONCE posted her pregnancy photo, JCPenney caught a lot of “shade” from people saying that it looked like an awkward JCPenney photo or how she has millions but got her photo taken at JCPenney. Guess what JCPenney did? They used Beyonce’s lyrics to “clap back”! They quoted some of the tweets adding “Twirl on my Haters”Continue reading “JCPenney versus Beyonce haters… who won?”