JCPenney versus Beyonce haters… who won?

After BEYONCE posted her pregnancy photo, JCPenney caught a lot of “shade” from people saying that it looked like an awkward JCPenney photo or how she has millions but got her photo taken at JCPenney.

Guess what JCPenney did? They used Beyonce’s lyrics to “clap back”! They quoted some of the tweets adding “Twirl on my Haters” or “Ya’ll haters corny”.



Hours later, JCPenney was featured on a few business blogs including , Dallas News, Daily Mail, and more for their creative responses. Some even tweeted “whoever is running JCPenney’s twitter needs a raise!”

Then today, JCPenney released a snap chat filter resembling Beyonce’s photo background and tells everyone to go to the nearest JCPenney store to access it.


So, who won? The Haters or the Hated?

This is an example of how  you can capitalized on trending topic to potentially boost your brand visibility. Great job JCPenney!

As an entrepreneur, keep your eye on what’s trending and don’t be afraid to jump in the conversation.



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