AWARD-WINNING… what it means to me.

Receiving recognition and winning awards mean that I have an obligation to continue mentoring the younger generation through my career and showing them the essence of tenacity, determination, and work ethic.


I usually blog about business, marketing, and events. Seldom will I share sentimental thoughts but I think this one can also be relative to all walks of life, not just in love. My comment was derived from the post realization that this video is a perfect example of believing in “grey areas.” You shouldn’t giveContinue reading “CREATIVE MINDS BELIEVE IN GREY AREAS”

The Yellow Brick Road to Happiness

By no means do I want this blog to sound preachy but I’m not going to deny the fact that this is fully inspired by my pastor Rick Warren from Saddle Back Church. for the last few weeks, the topic has been about HAPPINESS. 1. BE HUMBLE – “Be humble or you’ll stumble.” Humility isContinue reading “The Yellow Brick Road to Happiness”

3 Reasons Why “Be Yourself” Can Sometimes Be False Advice

How many times have you heard coaches and motivational speakers tell you to BE YOURSELF because people do business with people they like? But what if you are not “well-liked?” What if you have a nasty attitude? Should you still be yourself? I think it’s time to face the music, burst the bubble, or rainContinue reading “3 Reasons Why “Be Yourself” Can Sometimes Be False Advice”