Is Perfect Polly a Perfect Fail?

So I was in bed, working with the TV on when this infomercial caught my attention. I’ll be honest with you… I couldn’t stop laughing! I must have rewound it 3x then, I finally decided to take a video of it so I can share it with y’all! I can’t possibly be the only one that should have a good laugh about this. And I cannot wait to hear your comments!

On a marketing perspective, isn’t this a perfect example for this principle: quote; Quote from powerful women

So after seeing, this infomercial I went on ahead and googled it and guess what, their website is very well put together. It’s a simple six-page website. They have their “call to action” loud and clear on the top right corner – you can’t miss it. The most important and basic information that they want their customers to know are on the top of their website – no need to scroll down. But if you did scroll down, you will notice how they are cross promoting their other products.

Perfect Polly Pet Website snapshot

They even have a “news” tab where they have articles of being featured on

TeleBrands has a knack for finding quirky $9.99 products you never knew you needed, selling them on TV, then getting them into retail outlets, where sales can really rocket. The company is one of the biggest players in an industry that spent $2.6 billion in advertising last year. TeleBrands spent $300 million of that, the most in the industry, to air its hard-sell 30-second- to two-minute ads, estimates direct-response tracker Infomercial Monitoring Service. While most direct-response companies are privately held and don’t report earnings, TeleBrands has one of the most consistent records of hits.

To try to keep the hits coming, direct-response companies constantly look for the next big idea. There’s no shortage of inventors who think they’ve got it. Khubani gets so many requests to look at products, he holds Pitch Days nearly every month.

But discovering the next PedEgg (an egg-shaped device that shaves and catches dead skin from feet) isn’t as easy, says Khubani. “It takes a lot of work to find stupid products to sell on TV,” he jokes.

My honest opinion about this product: This is a useless product that probably should have been promoted as a toy but the people over at TeleBrands believed that if they appeal to the emotional senses of those who want this pet but can’t have one, then they are either going to make sales off of their primary target market OR they will catch their secondary target market, which is composed of those who think this is a ridiculous product and might buy it as a gag gift!

Will they make money? sure they will! They have invested their money on an infomercial and an effective website, they are leveraging social media and they are marketing their product seriously, regardless of how hilarious we all think this is. That’s why I always challenge business owners to spend money on marketing! 

“It takes a lot of work to find stupid products to sell on TV,” Khubani jokes.

About Telebrands Corp.

Telebrands Corporation is the oldest existing direct response marketing company and the original creator of the “As Seen On TV” logo and category of trade. Telebrands CEO and Founder AJ Khubani started the company in 1983. Known now as the “Infomercial King,” AJ Khubani and his team search the world for useful and inventive products that help consumers save time, save money and find effective solutions to everyday challenges.

Today, Telebrands is the leader in the $150 billion direct consumer marketing industry. Telebrands’ products are successfully marketed using TV, Internet and Print advertising and are sold in major retail chains worldwide. Since 1983, Telebrands has sold hundreds of millions of “As Seen on TV” products including AmberVision sunglasses, the PedEgg, Doggy Steps, One-Second Needle, Pasta Boat, Jupiter Jack, Bottle Tops, Aluma Wallet, Go Duster, Stick Up Bulb and more. The PedEgg foot file which launched in 2007, is the top-selling “As Seen on TV” product of all time, with over 45 million units sold and counting.

2013 marks Telebrands’ 30th year in business. The company continues to market successful “As Seen on TV” products including a line of nonstick cookware called OrGreenic, the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, Who Knew Books, the Pocket Hose, Rabbit TV and more.


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