The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners

In case you need to be reminded, it’s 2013! The times have completely changed and there are things in this generation that the past generation just cannot fathom. Only the real Entrepreneurs adjust to the constant changes that the Business Industry keeps throwing at us. Depending on your business structure, print advertising is becoming irrelevantContinue reading “The Difference Between Successful Entrepreneurs and (about to be) Failed Business Owners”

‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon

If you haven’t accepted the fact that technology is taking over our lifestyle then you need to read this! This new invention by Pay-Pal will completely confirm that technology is getting bigger and better and if you still haven’t learned how to maximize Social Media, then you have missed the boat! The only way toContinue reading “‘Pay-Pal Check-In’: Introducing the World to PayPal Beacon”

Facebook Now Allows Promotions on Page Timelines!

Facebook has just allowed contests to run on your main wall feed! Yep, you heard correctly; you can now ask people to participate by liking or commenting on your wall in order to win a prize! This is obviously great news and ultimately a realization on Facebook’s part that people were already doing this andContinue reading “Facebook Now Allows Promotions on Page Timelines!”


I have no regrets attending the 2012 Small Business Expo held at the California Market Place last November 8th. As soon as I walked in the entrance, they had someone dressed in business attire dancing on a platform. I thought to myself, now this is the type of expo I want to be in. JustContinue reading “SMALL BUSINESS EXPO WAS THE BIZNAZ!”

WIN a Ticket to the The List Conference 2013 Video Contest

The power of giving is contagious. We believe that in order to be successful, we have to learn how to give and serve others. Wait, what is this event about? The LIST is a two-day conference for those who want to expand their professional network, learn more about entrepreneurship and what it takes to makeContinue reading “WIN a Ticket to the The List Conference 2013 Video Contest”

Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery

I am excited to launch the Vendor Spotlight of the month! As an Event Planner, I rely heavily on my preferred vendors relationships. They make my life easier because I know what to expect from them. Let’s take for example, Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery, a company started by Staci Adams and Jennifer Anderson.  Staci is aContinue reading “Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery”