Be Your Own Boss Expo Was A Success

Four months ago, an idea came to mind after getting overwhelmed with multiple Network Marketing companies pitching their business to me. Why not put them all in one place so everyone, including myself, can access this information in one day and compare and contrast the business structure that will work best for me. Network MarketingContinue reading “Be Your Own Boss Expo Was A Success”

Our Equestrian Film on Kickstarter

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The FILM Industry is very competitive, especially the process of getting films funded by Hollywood financiers. Los Angeles is saturated with talented screen writers, directors, actors, producers, etc… and although that is impressive, it makes it three times as challenging for emerging producers to compete. Our production company…

Meet Filip, a Smartwatch for Young Kids – Great Way to Track your Kids

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Forget a smartphone; does your younger child need a smartwatch? The folks behind Filip think so, but the planned device is more of a take on a location and communications service for young children than it is about apps on the wrist. Still, there’s a relatively underserved market for wearable kids…

Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery

I am excited to launch the Vendor Spotlight of the month! As an Event Planner, I rely heavily on my preferred vendors relationships. They make my life easier because I know what to expect from them. Let’s take for example, Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery, a company started by Staci Adams and Jennifer Anderson.  Staci is aContinue reading “Vendor Spotlight: Cupcake Cuties Cupcakery”


As a Marketing/Event Manager I find it vital to have a personality that everyone can love. You want everyone to fall in love with you but understand that you cannot possibly please everyone. Once you’ve become everyone’s favorite, you will find it easy to get things done. Here are 5 ways on how to haveContinue reading “BE EVERYONE’S FAVORITE!”