As a Marketing/Event Manager I find it vital to have a personality that everyone can love. You want everyone to fall in love with you but understand that you cannot possibly please everyone. Once you’ve become everyone’s favorite, you will find it easy to get things done. Here are 5 ways on how to haveContinue reading “BE EVERYONE’S FAVORITE!”

Think and Grow Rich – ideas and principles tested through time…

One of the secrets to being the best is continued education. It is important that we take it upon ourselves to keep growing and developing through reading books, current events and research studies. Attend workshops on new technologies or marketing strategies or simply hang around “like-minded” people. Think and Grow Rich, an oldie but goodie,Continue reading “Think and Grow Rich – ideas and principles tested through time…”

A Checklist for a Successful Event

We sometimes focus too keenly on the goal that we tend to miss the details of the actual journey, which can sometimes directly be correlated to the quality of the finished product. In all of what I do, the most common compliment I often hear is how resourceful I am. Some call it “hustling” butContinue reading “A Checklist for a Successful Event”

The Comedy Industry is not that Funny!

One of the “gigs” I used to do was work as an Event Producer for Max Amini, an Iranian/Persian Comedian.  It was such a fun ride but the Comedy Industry, I have learned, is not that funny! It’s brutal and just doesn’t pay enough! Are you laughing yet? I have learned a lot and metContinue reading “The Comedy Industry is not that Funny!”

Manager Switcheroo…. When is it time to shake things up?

Managers are fickle. One day they’ll be extremely motivated and other days, discouraged. One of the most important lessons that all business owners of multiple locations need to consider is: How often are you shaking things up at work? Like it or not, your managers have a shelf life! Some stay motivated for a littleContinue reading “Manager Switcheroo…. When is it time to shake things up?”

Anti-Marketing Retailers… How do you shake ’em up?

I have been presented with one of the toughest challenges a Shopping Center Marketing Manager could ever ask for! A work place full of anti-marketing mom and pop stores have officially added five (5) more years on my age! It’s time consuming enough to brainstorm ways to drive people to a low traffic shopping center,Continue reading “Anti-Marketing Retailers… How do you shake ’em up?”

Mixing Business with Pleasure

It’s definitely not what you think 😉 – I’m just talking about work and my passion for dancing.  Dancing is one of my passions but ever since I’ve been hired as a Marketing Manager at a shopping center, I hardly find any time to dance. As a matter of fact, I’ve gained weight (yikes!). TheContinue reading “Mixing Business with Pleasure”

Be Visually Appealing….

I hate to break it to you but (in case you haven’t figured it out) “looks” do count. As a Marketing Manager for a shopping center, I have learned the importance of visual merchandising. Vendors, who rent carts, are often at lost when it comes to the visual presentation of their products. Let’s take forContinue reading “Be Visually Appealing….”

Non profits cry for help… Our School’s Got Talent is a great idea!

Has the recession shunned the community from caring about youth projects? In the past three (3) months, local organizations like Youth Family Student Community (YFSC) and Young American National Awareness Campaign (YANAC), through their Social Arts Production (SIP) division have been diligently asking for financial support from the community of Carson, CA. Their project, “OurContinue reading “Non profits cry for help… Our School’s Got Talent is a great idea!”

The purpose…

I honestly wish that there were two or three more of me running around in this world. Not to sound arrogant, but it’s hard to train others to think the way I do.  It takes so much effort to explain why things have to be done a certain way, but if I had me asContinue reading “The purpose…”