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I don’t know why I was so surprised that Madonna is the highest paid female in the music industry. Her world-wide presence, Material Girl Clothing Line and Truth or Dare Fragrance puts her at $125 Million for the year 2013.

Needless to say, here is the list:

1. Madonna $125 Million

2. Lady Gaga $80 Million

3. Taylor Swift $55 Million

4. Beyonce $53 Million

5. Jennifer Lopez $ 45 Million

6. Rihanna $43 Million

7. Katy Perry $39 Million

8. Pink $32 Million

9. Carrie Underwood #31 Million

10. Mariah Carey $29 Million

tied with:

Nicki Minaj $29 Million

Please note, these are their earnings only for the year 2013.

To make our list, we looked at income from June 1st, 2012 through June 1st, 2013, using data sources including Pollstar, the RIAA, Nielsen SoundScan, managers, lawyers and many of the artists themselves. We took into account concert ticket sales, royalties for recorded music and publishing, merchandise sales, endorsement deals and other business ventures. Our estimates reflect pretax income before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers. Read the full story here

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