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This is an original material crafted for the sole purpose of helping you coordinate your own event. This is not to put any event planners out of business but to help business owners understand the amount of work that is required per event.

As an event planner, I am confident that business owners will need us for when it really matters but I understand that sometimes, they want to put on an event that cannot afford a planner. In these cases, I want to help them become successful.

Anyone who is not an event planner by trade will find these tasks tedious. Only the real planners enjoy the daunting details.

You can view the “lite” version of my e-book by downloading the sample here: 10 Step Guide to a Successful Event- Lite Version

But to get the full guide, you must purchase it through paypal or if you have a kindle you can search for my book there, as well.

This useful guide is on the market for only $8.99! Click here to Buy the Full Version of THE 10 STEP GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL EVENT NOW! 



I created this document mainly to help me stay consistent with my Social Media Posts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked IN). Then, I decided to train my assistants and interns to help them develop the skill that they need to understand the Social Media Strategy.

I first did all the content creation and I passed it on to my interns to enter on to Soon after, I was able to give them the task to create the content, show me the SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING SCHEDULE TEMPLATE for approval and changes then they posted it on Hootsuite.

My interns love this form and they love that I pushed them to THINK CREATIVELY! Here is a photo of what one of the forms look like. Then, a few of my business colleagues asked me to send it to them so they could use the same form! They are now using the same tactic with their interns and assistants! WOW! So, they advised that I make this available online.

For a small fee of $3.99, you can download this file, along with a video of me showing you how to use this in conjunction with

Automate your Social Media Channels so you will have more time to do more productive things! Buy The Social Media Calendar Template PLUS The training video on how to use it Now!

Only $3.99!

Social Media Calendar Buy Now Button

FAQ: 1. Why not just use HOOTSUITE.COM straight up? 

Answer: Well, because I am an excel nerd and I like to visualize everything in this format. My business colleagues love it because it’s a one snapshot view of everything that will be posted for the week, they read it, review and make changes then send it back to their assistants so they can schedule it on

2. I messed up the formula on the file, can you fix it?

Answer: Yes sure! 🙂 I can resend the file.

3. I don’t have a paypal account? How else can I pay? 

Answer: It’s FREE to set up a paypal account. All you need is an email! It is also one of the most secured way of payment. But if you don’t feel comfortable paying through paypal. Please Contact Me and I can send you an invoice where it will let you pay with your Credit Card/Debit Card.


3. The 10 Step Guide to A Successful Event to Increase Sales and Foot Traffic Workshop at the Small Business Expo:

Click this link to download the pdf: 10 Step Guide To A Successful Event by Sweeney Mae


I’m proud of you for checking out this page. It means you have taken the initiative to improve your MARKETING PLAN. Below are some resources you can download (some are FREE and some are not) to use to have a clearer vision of your Marketing Plan. I want to help you consolidate all your promotional and marketing efforts so you know exactly what type of services/products you should invest your money in. If you need a one on one help with any of your Marketing Strategies including but no limited to:

1. Social Media Strategy – How can social media work for your company? What type of posts, photos, videos should you have on your social media channels – Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram and more!

2. Special Event Strategy (Grand Opening, Product Launch, etc) – What event can you host to bring more traffic/exposure and how will you go about it? 3. Promotional Strategy – What type of promotions such as sale events, giveaways, product launch information etc… shall catch your customers’ attention?

4. Branding Strategy – How do people see your brand? Does your logo reflect the quality of your products/services? Are your business cards, flyers, social media graphics professionally put together?

5. CRM – Customer Relationship Management – In this day and age, everyone is gathering information from their customers to better understand their needs, wants and desires. How are you Managing your customer information? I have a strong retail background having worked at Macy’s as Assistant Buyer for two and a half years in the Fashion Jewelry department and Kids department.

So I’m not a stranger to the retail/merchandise world and I love helping people who have a brick and mortar store. Plenty of my clients and friends have suggested that I make my resources available on my website for people to purchase. And I’m not too good to listen. I took their advice and I’m working on it. More Resources are coming very soon. Please be patient. As I am creating these awesome resources to your avail.




I only promote the services that I use. I’ve been with for at least 5 years and I’m happy. If you’re looking to start your own website, check out first! Click below for a great offer!

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How many hours do you spend (or waste) on Social Media? Use and allow this program to schedule all of your posts ahead of time so you can better spend your time on things that matter more. Click on the image below and try it free!

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard

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