Soft background

Coaching wasn’t always an option. I’ve had an adventurous and very busy journey in life and my career. Being an over-achiever is second nature to me. I don’t remember the last time I only had one single source of employment. For example, in college, I had three jobs: Multi-Cultural Mentor, School of Business Ambassador, and a Dance Instructor in the Student Recreation Center. After college, I accepted a position at Macy’s as Assistant Buyer meanwhile working at LA Fitness as a Dance Fitness Instructor and soon started “Events in the City” with my closest friends. It was our proactive solution to create an extra stream of income in 2008 when the U.S. economy was at its worst.

Creative marketing and resourcefulness are my gifts (and curses). The vast marketing knowledge I’ve accumulated is partly due to having worked on so many projects, more than my normal peers. It was empowering to run our own company, Events in the City in Seattle. We started mainly coordinating weddings. I was great at the details but working with brides was never my favorite. In 2009, I accepted a position with Expedia as Merchandise Manager, responsible for merchandising travel deals on AARP travel website, Sam’s Club travel website, and of course on Expedia.

After my contract expired with Expedia, I stayed in Seattle just until I finished a project with my local church, where I wrote and co-produced a play to raise funds for the Filipino American group. The event raised a few thousand dollars and after its conclusion, I decided to take a long vacation to California. I didn’t have plans to stay but the
moment I started getting involved with Hollywood events, I started booking clients and fell in love even more with marketing and event production so much so that I started Events in the City LA. 

Sweeney MaeToday, I have been in charge of Marketing at a shopping center in Southern California. The shopping center wasn’t doing very well when I first started but I managed to use my non-traditional strategies and made lasting presence in the community. I have recently won prestigious awards with the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) for marketing excellence and U.S. Community Support Awards in the West region. After dabbling in helping numerous clients as a marketing consultant on my own time, and organize some of the best events of my life, I’ve decided to monetize my talents as a Marketing Mastermind Coach. I love my career and I plan to reach V.P. status before 40. This is the very reason why I prefer to work with business owners who are hungry enough to roll sleeves up and get productive work done.